Keep Your Trees in Shape

Enhance the appearance of your Eastpointe, MI home with professional tree trimming services

Not only is that overgrown tree an eyesore - it could also become top-heavy, posing a serious risk of falling and causing a ton of damage. Keep your trees in check with professional tree trimming services from Tree Slayer Tree Service LLC. We'll remove dead branches from your trees, trim them back to a more manageable size and reshape them to keep them healthy and beautiful.

Are there limbs growing too close to your power lines? Do you want to give your tree a rounder shape? We've got you covered. Contact us today to get a free estimate on professional tree trimming services in Eastpointe, MI.

How could your trees benefit from crown reduction?

Routine tree crown reduction services can:

  • Get rid of scraggly limbs that block sightlines on your property
  • Keep the tree healthy by helping each limb get the sunlight and nutrients it needs
  • Make your yard safer by ensuring your tree doesn't become top-heavy or start to fall over
Discover how tree crown reduction services can make your property in the Eastpointe, MI area safer and more appealing. Call 586-459-2727 now.